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Easter weekend - without wind

Lime Cay

Lime Cay is a small islet in the “East channel” and is a weekend magnet for the Kingstonians and tourists. People looking for some relaxing hours and trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city can ask fishermen in Port Royal to ship them over for around 20 USD.

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New gadgets - Fridge Optimizer

Fridge Optimizer by StainlessLobster

I love my fridge - especially here in the tropics, but it’s also one of the biggest power draws. Therefore I’m always looking to find some hints to optimize the energy consumption of my fridge.

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DIY - Cover for the Sprayhood Vinyl Windows

There is no alternative - I have to join the DIY movement

After living now for four years in Jamaica, my lovely boat was exposed to the tremendous force of the tropical sun and its damaging UV rays, so some of my textile stuff suffered. After calling some people of the small group of sailmakers here in Jamaica, waiting for them, calling again, waiting again, it was getting obvious for me that I cannot continue in that way.

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